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About Me


ellarose. A full service brand management, strategy, content & marketing studio based in New Zealand.

​The experience I have gained in a wide range of fields across New Zealand, USA and Europe has deepened my creativeness and love for digital marketing. I am a very detail-oriented person that sets high standards for myself and the work I produce. Enthusiastic about end results, I believe in extensive analytics to ensure that there is always a focus on the bottom line. My drive to succeed is underpinned by a solid foundation of ethics and honesty. I love building strong relationships with my clients to ensure the true essence of their brand is evident.


Pam Dunbar, Head of Marketing at Colorado Raptors Rugby

EllaRose is a delight to work with. She has a very creative mind that she balances with true direction and confidence. While working with me she showed the ability to connect with people, and organize a project from the creative stage to delivery. It was energizing to watch her work, and see and hear about the ideas that she had for a number of different brands where we created content and connection with an audience regularly. EllaRose was fearless when it came to testing new skills and ideas. Her positive warmth and energy was an amazing addition to our office and team!

Anna Ross, Founder and CEO at Kester Black 

To put it simply, EllaRose is an absolute delight. She is incredibly driven with a can-do positive attitude. Nothing is ever a problem and she always goes above and beyond. She is a versatile worker who shows initiative. When she worked for us in Melbourne she outperformed the rest of our team having only been at the job for a week. Needless to say, I would recommend EllaRose to any prospective employer or business looking for someone who can execute and give any new task a try. 

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